Have you ever stopped to think of the myriad of sites out there? You find absolutely everything on the internet, from products to tips, information, education, services, in short, what is not lacking are options. And it is precise because there are so many options you need to have a great ally if you want to be seen on the internet: the powerful Google.

Why powerful? Very simple. If Google does not know you (your company/site) then you do not exist in the virtual world. Have you ever thought about how an Internet user comes to an electronic address? More than that, have you noticed how you or I am dependent on this search site? Imagine only then how it can directly or not a search on a certain theme or product.

Who has read the article so far must be wondering, but after all, how can my company appear on Google, what should I do? Google recently launched Google My Business, which is a site where you put together in one place two options to help your business appear on the search engine.

The great news is that it centralizes two Google services that were independent of one another. Now, by registering your business on this platform, you already register at once in these two places. The free services to appear on Google are Google Places and Google +. Note that this service mainly favors micro and small businesses that often wish, but do not have the money to invest in advertising and advertisements. The other way to appear on Google is through paid ads, Google Adwords or Google Adwords Express.

It is important to note that regardless of the way it is done, it is fundamental to research and study the platforms and, if possible, to hire the advice of a digital marketing specialist who will guide and structure your company’s marketing and communication actions. The highest rate of disappointment in these cases is due to the lack of information and knowledge to choose and apply the investments correctly and properly.

In this day and age remember that more than ever you need to be seen to be remembered. It is not enough to have a beautiful, well-structured website if people do not get to it. It’s like having a wonderful physical store in the middle of the desert, who is going to visit?

Written for: SINDILOJAS BH – Trade Union of Retailers of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais / BRAZIL

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